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A couple of years ago I was asked by an Irish journalist to do an interview for their newspaper on what it is like to be a witch in Ireland. I gratefully accepted and we went ahead with the article. The next day the newspaper sent a photographer out to take photos of me beside my altar, which was all going well until he halted, camera in hand, scratched his head and asked, ‘Why does a Witch have a framed picture of Padre Pio?.’

Interesting question I thought, I tried to explain to him that I was eclectic and that I believe there is no religion in heaven and therefore we can connect to whatever spirits we are drawn to, including the ones that seem deeply entrenched in one religion or another.

As I progress on my path connecting to souls and spirits, I often stop to wonder have I lost my mind, shouldn’t I stick to just one pantheon, instead of choosing to connect with different deities and spirits from pantheons and religions across the board. I remind myself that I do not discriminate.  

Being a witch is never clearly defined. We don’t fit into a box-friendly definition. We are fluid, flowing, and by our very nature defy definition. The witch is beholden to no-one, an independent, powerful, strong unique individual.

So, why connect to Saints? A saint is a person who, after death continues to work from the Spirit realm to assist the living. They perform miracles. Saints derive from all traditions and religions. Judika Illes’ book Saints, Sages and Mystics includes the former rock star Elvis as among the list of miracle-performing saints. There can be no clear distinction in my book, except what you feel drawn and connected to.

As I wiped down my worktops in my kitchen one morning before I headed out to my Witch’s House to do a reading I received a clear message from Padre Pio. He told me that he would like me to help him connect to a wider audience. He said he would like me to tell my clients about him because he is here to help everyone. I duly agreed and subsequently printed off and framed a photo of him to place in my witch’s house.

He comes through very clearly during most of my readings now and when I mention him to a client, they usually respond with the doubtful answer, ‘but I’m not religious.’ I then explain that neither am I but he is here to help so why not ask him, surely we need all the help we can get here!

Spirits and souls are all around us, permeating the ethers. What and who we connect to depends on our own energy and vibration. I believe in asking for assistance whenever I need it and I believe in miracles. So, I’m not averse to asking these sacred and holy beings for help when I need it.

I ask St. Anthony to find something for me whenever I lose my purse, car keys or favourite lipstick. I ask St. Martin, the animal loving saint, to protect my three cats and dog and keep my phobia, the mouse, away from my home. I ask La Madama, the matron of fortune tellers and clairvoyants to bring me good clients and sweep away their energy when they leave.

I ask Padre Pio to protect my family and keep us safe. My husband, son and I recently received a blessing with Padre Pio’s relic, his glove, and it was a most beautiful, peaceful, blissful, healing experience.

Padre Pio Healing Spell

You will need a rose quartz crystal, rose oil or rose petals and nine white or brown candles or tea lights. St Pio is famously associated with the scent of roses and connected with the colour brown. He is invoked for healing and he often leaves the sweet scent of roses whenever he has responded to your prayers.

On nine consecutive days anoint the candle with rose oil and sprinkle rose petals around it. Place the rose quartz near the candle and rose petals.

Light the candle and Chant  – St. Pio I ask of thee, connect with me and assist me. Pour your healing warmth through my body now, cleansing and clearing away any damage, inflammation or infection. Restore me to full health for the highest good of all, Blessed Be.

Allow each candle to burn down safely, carry the rose quartz with you to maintain your connection after the nineth day. Sleep with it under your pillow at night. Sprinkle the rose petals in a bath to cleanse and heal your body.

To give thanks to Padre Pio, light a candle for him often or give him a gift of pink roses. His feast day is September 23rd.

Blessed Be )O( White Witch Patricia Weston ©