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So, here’s my new blog and I intend to fill it with magical musings, powerful spells, tarot magic and all things wonderfully witchy.

These blogs will be my own thoughts and experiences as a witch, psychic and healer. I hope you’ll join me along this weird and wonderful winding road of magic and mysticism.

So for starters Id like to share my experience of getting high on mugwort!

Mugwort has to be one of my favourite herbs to work with. All herbs have magical properties. Some magical properties of herbs are helpfully listed on many magical websites but I prefer to use my intuition as a guide as to what magical properties each herb possesses.I also find it funn to explore where my intuition will take me.

I recently purchased a whopping 100 grams of Mugwort online. It came in a bigger quantity than I expected, so I felt duty bound to put it to good magical use.

Traditionally mugwort is known as the herb of lucid dreaming. You can place some in a pouch under your pillow at night for prophetic dreams and what magical dreams you will have!

Having done this myself the other night I dreamt of fairies and portals and enchanted watery dimensions. All my dreams were magical and misty and I woke up feeling wonderful.

So, the next night I decided to burn some of this portal parting herb in my incense censer along with a sprinkle of frankincense resin.

The effect was equally as enlightening and stimulating. I slept like a log that night and woke up feeling fantastic. I felt cleansed and clearer than I had in weeks. This was especially delightful because a week ago I spent three days giving psychic readings at the Mind Body Spirit Event in Dublin. As amazing as that is it leaves me feeling exhausted and my head full to the brim to bursting. So, I always need a good cleanse afterwards – thankfully my guides came to the rescue and led me to mugwort!

Mugwort not only cleanses the senses and the aura but it also protects against evil. Hang some over your doorway to protect your home from malevolent energies. Along with transporting you to other dimensions, cleansing your third eye and unleashing your psychic powers, it’s no wonder an ancient story recounts a tale of mermaids emerging from the sea to present humans with the prophetic herb for the good of humanity!

Blessed Be, White Witch Patricia Weston ©


*WARNING - Mugwort shold not be used by pregnant women or those attempting to become pregnant.