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Anxiety – the hidden underminer, the internal saboteur, the destroyer of joy and happiness and confidence. It is not my friend yet it lingers around me like a dark force within my chest pounding to get out, thumping to get attention until I give in weaken and allow it to rain and pour and leak all over my life like a messy dark sludge!

I continue to fend it off, fight it back, battle through and eventually I win it over and conquer the dark hidden untidy fake force.

As I write it eeks it’s way throughout my body as a shivering threat. I feel a thumping in my chest, tingles and nervousness overtakes my delicate stomach. It feels like a brick wall covering my chest. But a brick wall I can crumble.

It’s all in the mind. I can demolish that wall brick by brick or blow it apart all at once. I can use a sledge hammer, dynamite or just brute force.

I am stronger than this anxiety and I know this because I always overcome and defeat it in the end as it gives up, gives in and fades away….

In my experience as a psychic I’ve found a lot of people suffer from anxiety. Fear permeates the world around us. As soon as we wake up and check the news or social media streams, fear leaps out to give you a fright. The newspaper headlines are filled with terrifying stories of bad news and fear mongering. It’s no wonder we are frightened. Fear is not for the faint of heart!

But, I have also discovered along my travels that neither is the human race. Fear encourages us to look with tunnel vision. Fear the fuc**er tries to tell us that we are weak. We are not encouraged by fear to look at all our options, open up and see the wider choices that sit before us.

We are mighty, we are strong, we have all the strength and courage and capability within our souls. Look away from the shallow-minded, one dimensional fear mongering. Look within and see the mighty force that reigns deep within and without. Pull on your psychic shield and push forward in fullness and strength. Look behind you and see all that you have achieved, all the challenges you have overcome in the past. Fear is false. You are real. You are love.

Fear is there and so is its sickening sister anxiety but that doesn’t mean you have to bring it with you in your car, your bed, your handbag or your house on a day to day basis and let it reign all over your miraculous parade. It’s there to warn you of impeding danger and doom but too much is paralysing.

Visualise fear as something solid, like a black square or whatever comes to mind. Then put on your hob-nail boots and kick it out far away from you. You can even put on boxing gloves and give it a good punch away from you. Use your imagination. Fear is an energy. It is there as a part of life but it doesn’t have to encompass or engulf you. Learn to manage it and keep it out. When it creeps in, kick it out!

Blessed Be )O( White Witch Patricia Weston ©