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The planet Mercury turns retrograde on August 29th and there’s a lot of fear and trembling associated with this planetary position that happens around three or four times a year. Why all the fuss? Why all the fear? Well, I’m here to give you a positive spin on this much misunderstood planetary occurrence

  1. Mercury is the planet of communication, travel and truth. When it turns retrograde it appears to be at a standstill or going backwards. So, this highlights all these things and brings them into sharper focus in our lives. We are forced to rethink our communication strategies.  We are no longer able to zip up our mouths and stay quiet, all manner of opinions and feelings supressed over the last few weeks come tumbling out of our mouths as we are forced to speak our glorious truth and clear the throat chakra!
  2. Computers, gizmos and other electrical equipment go bonkers during Mercury retrograde – so what you say, we rely on them too much anyway. This gives us an opportunity to take our googly eyes off the computer screen and our craning necks out of the smart phone and stretch our wonderful limbs outside and breathe in some fresh air in nature instead!
  3. Mercury retrograde has a funny way of pushing us to go within, to refrain from communicating altogether. We are forced to retreat or spend some time hermiting alone – no worries, we need time to meditate and clear the head anyway and reconnect with our inner selves.
  4. Those of us who hide behind our true feelings find that the perfect mask starts to slip with the influence of Mercury retrograde. The cleverly crafted mask melts away and the true self emerges revealing our magical, real, beautiful true selves!
  5. Mercury retrograde has a wonderful effect of bringing old friends, acquaintances, lovers and relationships to the surface, only to be released, cleared and healed. You may find that people you haven’t heard of in years suddenly resurface again in Mercury retrograde periods. This is good as it clears the decks once again. The wheel keeps turning, the layers peel away as we deal with and heal from some messy emotional unfinished business.

So, call in your guides and angels, buckle up, back up your files and enjoy the ride!

Blessed Be )O( White Witch Patricia Weston© 


Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2016


August 30th – September 22nd

December 19th – 31st