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ARIES - THE SUN. The Sun shines bright for you this month Aries bringing a lot of truths to light. The Sun clears away all the cobwebs and helps you see the truth in people and situations that you never noticed before. This information will help you get a clearer vision of where you are headed in 2020.
TAURUS - FIVE OF SWORDS. Don't try to get away with anything too risky this month Taurus. With your solid nature you're not likely to anyway, but this card in your sign helps you see who your true friends are this month. So, stay on the straight and narrow and you won't go far wrong, and don't forget - right actions lead to right results. 
GEMINI - THREE OF PENTACLES. With this card in your sign Gemini you'll be getting plenty of praise, validation and recognition. This praise is all well deserved, so lap it up. You've worked hard and your good work won't go unnoticed. Watch out for a good opportunity this month too. . 
CANCER - WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Lady Luck is in your sign this month Cancer. Expect the unexpected, and it's all good! The wheel turns in your favour, and it's about time to, so know you deserve all the good things that come your way and make the most of your good fortune this month. 
LEO - THE HERMIT. The quiet unobtrusive Hermit calls on the usually loud Leo to retreat for a while this month. This is not your usual tactic Leo, but taking time out for rest, meditation and enjoying the quieter life will really benefit you this month. So, step back from the fray and enjoy a relaxing breather. 
VIRGO - THE TOWER. This is not the nicest looking card in the deck but it can really clear up lots of old worn out energy. Head this off by breaking up with old patterns of behaviour that are past their sell by date this month Virgo and use your wonderful organisation skills to create a whole new way of doing things. You may be considering a change of hair style or even a whole new look, and this will bring out the best in you. 
LIBRA - SIX OF SWORDS. You're sailing into smother, calmer waters this month Libra. And with all the hustle and bustle of last month this will come as a welcome relief. You'll reach a more balanced level this month Libra and will find it easier to find solutions to any problems that may arise. 
SCORPIO - NINE OF SWORDS. This is a dreary looking card, but you can clear this up easily at the start of the month. The nine of swords is about worrying over things that may never happen, so get to work writing out all these nine worries, then give them up to the angels and safely burn the paper. Turn them into ashes and get on with the rest of the month with a clearer, confident mind. 
SAGITTARIUS - TWO OF COINS. The Two of coins sees you juggling this month Sagittarius. You're very capable of keeping all these balls in the air but maybe you need to drop a few or delegate some. Let down a few of the jobs you've taken on before they all tíre you out and don't be afraid to you take plenty of time to chill and look after yourself this month too. 
CAPRICORN - TWO OF SWORDS. The Two of Swords sees you at a crossroads this month Capricorn. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it gives you the opportunity to sit it out for a while and carefully consider your options. Take time to meditate and see what comes up, rather than forcing a decision. You'll find much clearer insight if you just let go and look within. 
AQUARIUS - HANGED MAN. The dangling chilled out Hanged man calls on you to step back and surrender this month Aquarius. Maybe you need to put your feet up and take a well deserved rest. Stretching your muscles will also do you the world of good too. Sometimes we have to let go in order to make things happen, and this card calls on you to do just that. 
PISCES - KING OF CUPS. This card is right up your alley this month Pisces. The King of cups is a compassionate, kind man and he loves the sea. You get to indulge in your sensitive side this month Pisces and are able to put your caring and considerate nature into action. People will be drawn to you for your kindness, so just remember to take good care of yourself too and recharge your batteries by taking plenty of time out near running water.