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ARIES ♈ QUEEN OF SWORDS. Get clear about your intentions this month Aries. Don't mince or fudge your words. Speak out clearly and directly and you'll make great strides. The Queen of Swords is direct and concise without coming across as hurtful or nasty, she gets her point across and clears the air around her.
TAURUS ♉ SEVEN OF SWORDS. With all the yellow present on this card there's a need for you to give yourself plenty of room for expression this month Taurus. Don't even think about cutting corners, approach every task with a eye on those who might want to steal your wisdom or knowledge. Watch out for the sneaky person with the fake smile and stick to the adage of 'right actions' and you won't miss a step.
GEMINI ♊ TWO OF WANDS. You're all about planning this month Gemini. You have your sights set on distant shores and adventure trips. A new door is opening up for you now and you start to see things from a whole new wider perspective this month. Exciting times!
CANCER ♋ FIVE OF WANDS. Keep an eye out for the competition this month Cancer. There's a few jealous glances, so keep your head and don't even bother getting into an argument with these silly people. Remember how unique you are and that you're in competition with nobody but yourself and you'll come out smiling.
LEO ♌ EIGHT OF SWORDS. This feeling of entrapment is an inside job. Don't feed it by staying indoors or isolating yourself this month Leo. Get outside and see the expansiveness the world has to offer. Once you see all the opportunities around you, the tension is released and your perception becomes clearer. Remember you are a force to be reckoned with.
VIRGO ♍ KING OF WANDS. It's a good month to start thinking ambitiously Virgo. You have vast potential. You may be feeling like you want to put all your skills to good use now, so get thinking about what you'd really love to achieve this year. There's a fire in your belly that will fuel you forward!
LIBRA ♎ THE HERMIT. The wise and ancient Hermit calls on you to straighten up and get to work doing what you came to this earth to do. This month is all about fulfilling your purpose, and spending lots of time meditating will keep you charged up and focused on the tasks at hand.
SCORPIO ♏ TEN OF PENTACLES. You're feeling very generous this month Scorpio. You have an abundance of time and energy to give to those loved ones and family members you hold dear. Money will flow very smoothly this month too and you see earning potential in places you never saw potential before.
SAGITTARIUS ♐ FOUR OF SWORDS. Take plenty of rest this month Sagittarius. Put your feet up and don't feel one bit guilty about doing it either. Rest, recuperation and recharging is on the cards for you this month. Miraculously, as you rest, problems become solved all of their own accord, so you needn't worry about having to fix everything this month.
CAPRICORN ♑ THE CHARIOT. You're ready to charge ahead this month Capricorn. You're in the mood for taking action and getting things done. You've no time for waiting on others to sort things, you're more than ready and capable of doings things on your own steam. Just take plenty of rest in between too, so you don't burn out.
AQUARIUS ♒ PAGE OF CUPS. This card is a lucky one for you this month Aquarius. You find an opportunity in the strangest place, and once it feels good, why not jump on it. Just be mindful of your sensitive and empathetic nature and don't let others in on your plan until it's clear in your own head first.
PISCES ♓ EIGHT OF PENTACLES. You're all about work and getting tasks done this month Pisces. You have great potential for earning more money now, so put those good skills into action. Building up and managing money now is a great idea, and will ensure you have plenty to put by for that rainy day.