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 ARIES ♈ KNIGHT OF SWORDS. The Knight of Swords is revved up and ready for action this month Aries, so watch your words and actions. Be careful not to over extend yourself or overdo things either. Once you pace yourself this month will go much smoother. Watch your doubts and hesitations about a situation too, these signs will let you know when it's a good time to proceed or not. 
TAURUS ♉ QUEEN OF PENTACLES. This Queen has your best interests at heart this month Taurus. She's prompting you to get outside more and connect with nature. She's also reminding you how good you are with finances and that there's really no need to worry. Get outside more this month and feed your body with lots of fruit and vegetables for maximum health.
GEMINI ♊ THE TOWER. Not the nicest card in the deck, but rest assured this one has a positive outcome. The Tower brings down all that was not working in your life. It deconstructs all the energies and people and situations that were faulty, false and wrong. This tower is a blessing as now you can start anew with better intentions and truth at the core.
CANCER ♋ THE EMPEROR. The Emperor is guiding you towards a more stable, solid future this month Cancer. Watch out for signs and synchronicities and when something feels off don't ignore your gut, as this is your guide leading you. You'll get so many things ship shape and organised too this month Cancer that you'll have lots more time for relaxation.
LEO ♌ TWO OF PENTACLES. You're very skilled at balancing this month Leo. You manage to get so much done and sorted.  This paves the way for a new project, so get your thinking cap on. All the experience from the last few months starts to show and this makes you unstoppable. You've so much talent, why not put it to good use. Watch this space!
VIRGO ♍ KNIGHT OF CUPS. You're in a sympathetic mood this month Virgo and so eager to help out and assist those you meet along the way. Your sensitive nature shines forth and you get so much fulfillment from guiding and assisting others. Just remember to look after yourself very well too.
LIBRA ♎ FOUR OF CUPS. The Four of Cups urges you to stay grounded this month Libra, so don't let your airy fairy nature get out of control. Trees will help you root and ground and be watchful not to give too much of your emotional energy away either. Keep your energy clear with lots of walks in nature and don't be afraid to say no whenever you feel a pull in the wrong direction.
SCORPIO ♏ THE SUN. Planning a trip abroad will lift your spirits this month Scorpio. You'll also find out lots of new information that will help you on your path. So, be on the lookout for new revelations about a situation close to your heart. The Sun shines bright all around you this month and you find yourself basking in its magical glow! Enjoy.
SAGITTARIUS ♐ SEVEN OF CUPS. It's all about choices this month Sagittarius. You find yourself spoilt for choice. If you don't sit down and focus on your plans and intentions you may find your mind drifting. Stay grounded and focus on how you would like to feel in the future, rather than making a decision based on guilt, necessity or duty, then you won't go wrong.
CAPRICORN ♑ TEN OF SWORDS. A difficult card to look at Capricorn, but rest easy that you're over the worst of a situation. Ten marks the end and a great breakthrough. Sit down and write out ten situations where you were hurt, betrayed or let down in the past and safely burn the paper, then you'll be open to welcome magical new beginnings.
AQUARIUS ♒ FIVE OF SWORDS. You don't have to stand up for everyone this month Aquarius. I feel this card urges you to look out for yourself more, rather than jumping to everyone's else's defense. Big changes are coming and the air is about to clear for the better. Try not to jump to conclusions this month and think before you offer your opinion, as not everyone is ready to listen.
PISCES ♓ KING OF PENTACLES. The focus seems to be on finances this month Pisces. This month you get right down to sorting out your outgoings and incomings and this proves very practical and satisfying. Don't forget to get outside  and enjoy all the abundance nature has to offer too.
Blessed Be )0(