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ARIES ♈ NINE OF PENTACLES. This is an opulent month for you Aries. You're feeling flush and have some extra cash to throw around that you weren't expecting. This gives you a great boost to your confidence. Encourage the cash to keep flooding in by dressing up, looking your best and appreciating the money and material things you do have.
TAURUS ♉ THE EMPRESS. This month is all about self care for you Taurus. Pamper yourself and really put lots of effort into your life. You deserve to look after yourself, so don't sell yourself short this month, treat yourself and pamper and preen yourself as much as you can.
GEMINI ♊ SIX OF CUPS. Harmony and happiness is all around you this month Gemini and you're just going to love getting outside and feeling free like a child again. Take plenty of time out for fun this month and don't get too bogged down with heavy duty responsibilities, because it's all about feeling carefree and having lots of fun too!
CANCER ♋ FIVE OF PENTACLES. Turn up the heat in your life this month Cancer, because you may be given the cold shoulder by some people who need to walk away from your life. Let them go and keep the good people on your side. Change is necessary and this month you realise that you've outgrown some people, and that's perfectly okay.
LEO ♌ TEN OF SWORDS. You've taken just about as much as you can from people this month Leo, so they better watch out you don't let out a roar their way! You're not in the mood for being taken for granted, and this month sees you stepping up your boundaries after taking a little too much in the past. You'll rise up beautifully, just like the phoenix.
VIRGO ♍ SEVEN OF CUPS. You're daydreaming a lot this month Virgo about all the things you would love to fill your life with. Why not get real and put pen to paper and create a realistic plan of action for what you would love to achieve in your life. You can even get to work on a vision board, and ensure your dreams won't vanish in a puff of smoke.
LIBRA ♎ JUSTICE. It's all about fairness and balance for you this month Libra and you love nothing better than justice! The scales tips and balances this month, so expect good things your way if you've been good, and well... if you haven't you'll get plenty of opportunities to make amends.
SCORPIO ♏ QUEEN OF CUPS. Fulfillment and happiness will be your goals this month Scorpio. Being kind and compassionate brings its own rewards. You'll be happy to just dwell near water and go with the flow this month, knowing full well there are so many things in life you have no control over, and this brings a wave of peace and harmony.
SAGITTARIUS ♐ THE MAGICIAN. You've got everything you need this month Sagittarius, and even a few tricks up your sleeve for good measure. Whenever you catch yourself feeling overwhelmed, just remind yourself how capable you are and that you have everything you need. This is a fortunate month for you.
CAPRICORN ♑ KNIGHT OF CUPS. You're in a sensitive frame of mind this month Capricorn, so honour this by keeping strong healthy boundaries. Don't allow any negative self talk or any low vibration types bring you down. Keep your own cool, calm vibe going and you'll sail through the month feeling great.
AQUARIUS ♒ EIGHT OF SWORDS. If you're feeling tied down this month with all the responsibilities and endless tasks to do, make plenty of time for self care. Remind yourself that you can get out of anything you committed to if it gets too tight and restraining for you. There's no use in building up resentment. Feel free to let go and drop back whenever you feel things get too much.
PISCES ♓ PAGE OF CUPS. An opportunity presents itself to you this month Pisces, and it's right up your alley. Don't be tempted to feel guilty for those left behind. You deserve to sparkle and shine. So, grab it with both hands and enjoy every minute.
Blessed Be )0(