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 ARIES ♈ STRENGTH. You're full of power and energy this month Aries. The sun shining really charges you up and you feel capable of taking on anything. Be sure to balance your energy and keep some in reserve too. This is a great month for enjoying outdoor physical activities.
TAURUS ♉ TWO OF WANDS. You're focusing on your future Taurus and making plans for a new venture. Travel is also on the cards, so you may well be getting excited about exploring the world. There's a whole new world out there to discover, and you've your sights set on seeing and doing something very adventurous.
GEMINI ♊ EIGHT OF PENTACLES. You're building and creating this month Gemini. You'll be hard at work creating new ways of making money for all those lovely things you want to buy. You've plenty of strength, enthusiasm and motivation, so keep up the good work and you will reap the rewards.
CANCER ♋ KING OF WANDS. You're in the mood to take charge this month Cancer. You've run out of patience with certain people and situations and are ready to take the bull by the horns. Put the foot down and don't tolerate any disrespect and you're sure to sail through this month and come out on top.
LEO ♌ THE EMPRESS. You're in a maternal, compassionate and generous mood this month Leo. You enjoy offering a helping hand and a kind word to those in need. With all this giving just don't neglect yourself. Treat yourself and pamper yourself and take lots of time out for self care too.
VIRGO ♍ TWO OF SWORDS. You're betwixt and between this month Virgo. Some recent situations have you stuck in an indecisive position. Break free from this crossroads by picking a path. Use your intuition to guide you and feel your way along. You've been through enough challenges in the past to know you CAN overcome any obstacle.
LIBRA ♎ SEVEN OF CUPS. Decisions, decisions, decisions - a raft of choices have you over thinking this month Libra. You'll need to make firm decisions based on your very strong intuition. Don't leave anything undecided, make quick decisions to ensure they are not made for you, and you won't go wrong.
SCORPIO ♏ EIGHT OF WANDS. Everything is happening just as it should Scorpio. You're getting the hang of this 'going with the flow' thing that you can start to relax and not worry so much. The eight of wands reminds you to trust, trust, trust and rely on your wonderful faith to see you through.
SAGITTARIUS ♐ KING OF PENTACLES You're in a strong position this month Sagittarius, you're in charge of your own life and this feels good. Get outside and enjoy the open air and the fruits the world has to offer. You're also doing well financially so celebrate and enjoy the good things in life this month.
CAPRICORN ♑ THREE OF WANDS. You're in a creative mood this month Capricorn. You're busy plotting and planning for your future. Remember you're goals, stay grounded and let your imagination run wild. Write down your ideas too, lest you forget them. The future looks, and feels exciting.
AQUARIUS ♒ FOUR OF PENTACLES. Be careful who you tell your secrets to this month Aquarius. Don't be tempted to let anyone privvy to your precious energy. You don't have to be too suspicious or too guarded, just use your common sense to evaluate who you can and can't trust and you'll be just fine.
PISCES ♓ PAGE OF CUPS. You're in a sensitive mood this month Pisces and your intuition is really strong. With the fish popping out of this cup expect some good fortune. This is exciting and exactly what you deserve. Just remember to shield your energy as you'll be picking up other people's energy easily. 
Blessed Be )0(