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ARIES ♈ SIX OF PENTACLES. It's all about give and take this month Aries. It's time to balance the scales. Don't give away too much energy or spend too much money and don't take more than you can handle. Be mindful of your bills and spending so you're not left with too little cash at the end of the month.
TAURUS ♉ SEVEN OF WANDS. Protect your territory this month Taurus and don't let anyone who is disrespectful cross your boundaries. You've got the upper hand and you're in a great position now, so don't let anyone knock you off your stance.
GEMINI ♊ THE LOVERS. This is your card Gemini, you're all about communication and connecting with others and this is a great month for it. Get out and socialise and put all that wonderful charm and charisma of yours to good use. 
CANCER ♋ THE WORLD. You've literally got the world at your feet this month Cancer. This is a great month to test drive all your wonderful talents and skills. You've achieved a lot these last few years, so don't be shy and get out and show the world what you're made of. 
LEO ♌ KING OF CUPS. You're in a strong, dominant position this month Leo, and you're also feeling kind and compassionate, so those around you may look for your advice and assistance. Helping others will bring you lots of fulfillment so enjoy, you'll get so much out of it. 
VIRGO ♍ EIGHT OF CUPS. Sometimes you just have to shrug your shoulders and walk away from situations where nothing will change. Take the brave step and walk away from a situation that has been draining your energy and resources. You'll feel so much better, because sometimes people just refuse to change. 
LIBRA ♎ DEATH. There'll be lots of necessary changes for you this month Libra. Transformation and shifts are happening all around you, so just let go what you need to let go and don't be tempted to hold on to a situation that has naturally ended. A new, better path awaits. 
SCORPIO ♏ FIVE OF CUPS. Endings are necessary but sometimes sad. Feel free to grieve for all those natural endings this month but don't overlook the brilliant new potential that awaits. There may be spilled cups, but there are also two full ones waiting for you. 
SAGITTARIUS ♐ NINE OF PENTACLES. You're feeling flush, wealthy and healthy this month Sagittarius. The Nine of Pentacles is filled to the brim of riches and treasures. Enjoy the opulence and don't forget to share the magic, this will make it all the more fun. 
CAPRICORN ♑ KNIGHT OF WANDS. You're all revved up this month Capricorn, you're full of energy and zing. Why not put all this firey energy to good use and make some plans for the rest of the year, just don't try to do too much all at once. Take plenty of time for rest in between too. 
AQUARIUS ♒ THE HIEROPHANT. You're being called on to guide and assist others this month Aquarius. You're knowledge and wisdom can assist other people. So don't be afraid to speak up and speak out, what you have to say is very important. 
PISCES ♓ TWO OF PENTACLES. You're on your toes this month Pisces and you've a lot going on. You can balance all those balls in the air but why should you! Why not delegate some and put your  focus on just one or two tasks rather than four. 
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