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 ARIES ♈ FIVE OF PENTACLES. If you've been feeling left out in the cold Aries, then this card in your sign urges you to have more faith in yourself. Take your gaze off the ground and look up. Count all the challenges you've already successfully overcome - you'll see you really are a force to be reckoned with, so believe in yourself and nothing can stop you.
TAURUS ♉ ACE OF PENTACLES. This is the card of healthy finances for you Taurus, so all your hard work saving and investing recently has really paid off. You can now look forward to more financial security and with the Ace of Pentacles a wonderful, exciting new opportunity this month.
GEMINI ♊ TEMPERANCE. With Temperance in your sign this month it's all about balance and finding the right level. This card urges you not to do too much or even too little. Watch your energy and how you are using your valuable resources and you're sure to have a lovely, calm, balanced month Gemini.
CANCER ♋ KNIGHT OF WANDS. It's all action and movement for you this month Cancer. Its time to get going on all those projects you dropped recently because you're full of fire, energy and enthusiasm. You might even embark on a new exercise regime while you're at it too.
LEO ♌ KNIGHT OF PENTACLES. The trusty Knight of Pentacles is a solid, reliable man. His energy moves into your sign this month Leo to show you how important it is to keep your feet on the ground, not overspend and get plenty of time outdoors. Don't push yourself too hard, just trust you can take things at your own steady pace.
VIRGO ♍ NINE OF CUPS. The Nine of Cups is a smug, happy chap! He's delighted with his achievements and it shows on this card for you Virgo. The Nine of Cups is a wish card, so cast your wish and be sure you'll be happy with the results. Nine full cups bring joy, happiness, fulfillment and lots of satisfaction.
LIBRA ♎ QUEEN OF WANDS. You're sitting strong on your power this month Libra. You know what you want and know exactly how to get it. You're striving for success and it's delightfully within your grasp. With your intuition at the forefront you can't put a foot wrong, so enjoy the energy.
SCORPIO ♏ THE HIEROPHANT. With this powerful card in your sign this month Scorpio expect your higher wisdom to be in great demand this month. And with this month's Full Moon in your sign you'll be very tuned in and sensitive to psychic energies around you. The Hierophant is a wise oracle who can guide others on the right path.
SAGITTARIUS ♐ SEVEN OF WANDS Stand your ground this month Sagittarius and don't back down. With the Seven of Wands in your sign you may have to stand up for what you believe in, but don't worry you have the upper hand. Just don't let lower energies bring you down to their base level.
CAPRICORN ♑ THREE OF PENTACLES. You're very much appreciated this month Capricorn, and why not, you do a very good job. With the Three of Pentacles in your sign expect some well deserved praise and validation for a job well done. So, lap it up - you're worth it!
AQUARIUS ♒ TEN OF SWORDS. With the Ten of Swords in your sign this month Aquarius you've reached a point where you are no longer taking any more betrayals, disrespect or abuse from anyone anymore. This marks a great turning point. So, why not clear out those ten hurts and write them down and burn them up, then you can start as you mean to go on with better boundaries and higher standards.
PISCES ♓ THE HIGH PRIESTESS. You're intuition is very strong this month with The High Priestess in your sign Pisces. She's the keeper of secret wisdom, so why not do some divination and uncover some powerful hidden secrets and information about yourself, you're sure to tap into some interesting information to magically guide you through the month.
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