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ARIES ♈ PAGE OF SWORDS. This is a month of clearing energy and clutter Aries. With this card there's a strong urge to clear back old rubbish and useless things you've been carrying around all year. Clearing clutter will give you a great feeling of release and freedom, and set you on a great path of success for next year.
TAURUS ♉ EIGHT OF CUPS. You're walking away from anything and everything that no longer serves your higher purpose this month Taurus. You've got the strength now to walk away from energies, people and places that have been draining you emotionally. So, don't look back and stay on the right track.
GEMINI ♊ THE HERMIT. Spending some time alone this month will really set you on the right path Gemini. The Hermit is all about introspection, meditation and being your own inspiration and finding that sense of peace in solitude. So, enjoy this valuable time and take a well earned break away from the hustle and bustle and busyness of life. 
CANCER ♋ SIX OF CUPS. This month is all about childhood memories, nostalgia and the joy that brings. Let yourself enjoy the energy that this season brings by tapping in to your inner child and having as much fun as you possibly can. Life shouldn't be taken too seriously anyway, so take plenty of time out for play this month Cancer. 
LEO ♌ THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE. You're in for a lucky ride this month Leo. The Wheel swings in your favour and everything you touch can turn to gold. The tide turns for you this month, which is great as things may have been a little slow and sluggish for you lately. So, enjoy this lucky break - you deserve it. 
VIRGO ♍ THE HANGED MAN. It's time to put your feet up Virgo. You've probably been rushing around getting organised and making sure everyone else is looked after, so this month is a great time for you to take time out to relax. In most cases you may have very little choice then to sit this one out, so don't push or rush things and do your very best to let go, and let things flow. 
LIBRA ♎ THE CHARIOT. You're in charge this month Libra and you're rearing to go. With The Chariot on your sign you know exactly where you're going and exactly what you want this month. Things will balance out now because YOU are in the driving seat, and this is a great feeling. Enjoy! 
SCORPIO ♏ SEVEN OF WANDS. It's time to stand up for what you believe in Scorpio. The Seven of Wands is all about taking the higher ground. There are many issues close to your heart, so this month is a good time to stand up, stand out and stand strong. You'll be head and shoulders above all the rest and you'll feel great about your accomplishments. 
SAGITTARIUS ♐ THE LOVERS. You're in a decisive mood this month Sagittarius with The Lovers in your sign. This is a harmonious and lovely card and it's about making decisions for the right reasons. These decisions will not only help you, but others too. So, once you do the right thing, you're on the right path and good feelings will follow. 
CAPRICORN ♑ KNIGHT OF SWORDS. You're in a mad dash and a hurry with this card in your sign Capricorn, so try to take it easy and not rush headlong into things this month. You could pace yourself or write out all your frustrations and burn them up. This will ensure you don't run out of steam too early in the month. 
AQUARIUS ♒ SEVEN OF PENTACLES. You're in a nostalgic and reminiscent mood this month Aquarius. You may find yourself looking back on all your achievements and accomplishments and this is a good thing. It gives you plenty of fuel and inspiration for a great start to next year. So, be proud of who you are and how far you've come. 
PISCES ♓ THE MOON. The Moon is such a perfect card for you this month Pisces. It's sure to encourage you to delve deep into your dreamy, unconscious side. So, pay careful attention to your dreams as they will guide you on your path. Also, take time out to observe those 'hidden' energies, because they will provide you with lots of information to help you navigate your way forward. 
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