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ARIES ♈ TWO OF SWORDS. You may feel like you're at a crossroads this month Aries. But if you stop and consider your next move you won't rush into something you regret. Take time out to evaluate your options and feel your way forward. The right path feels good, so don't do anything out of guilt or fear.
TAURUS ♉ THE HANGED MAN. You may have to accept that there are things in life you have absolutely no control over. Sometimes you just have to shrug your shoulders and realise there's nothing to be done. Allow yourself plenty of time to rest, rather than rushing headlong into a new project. Bide your time and good things will happen.
GEMINI ♊ ACE OF CUPS. Expect lots of wonderful blessings this month Gemini. The Ace of Cups is filled to the brim with joy, love, blessings and lots of fun. Take full advantage of this time and don't dare feel guilty. You deserve the very best so soak it all up.
CANCER ♋ SEVEN OF PENTACLES. It's time to consider the practical issue of money and investments this month Cancer. This is a great month to consider your spending and saving. It's always good to put money aside, so take the future into careful consideration first whenever you feel tempted into buying something you don't really 'need'.
LEO ♌ THREE OF CUPS. This is a great month for social interactions and fun. You're very popular this month and lots of people are drawn to your outgoing fun, nature. Enjoy the company amd have as much fun as you can squeeze into the month. This is a great time to shine.
VIRGO ♍ SEVEN OF CUPS. You seem very indecisive this month Virgo. It seems you have lots of options to choose from. This is great. Just make sure you pick the option that feels right for you, not the one you feel you 'should' do and you can't go wrong.
LIBRA ♎ STRENGTH. You realise your courage and strength this month Libra and you're not afraid to stand up for yourself. Your gentle diplomacy will work wonders for you this month Libra. Once you realise who you are and what you're made of others will instinctively know not to cross you.
SCORPIO ♏ THE FOOL. New beginnings beckon this month Scorpio. It's a month of fresh starts, new ideas and exciting new adventures. Embrace all this new energy because it will shift you forward and release all those old shackles you were tied to for too long.
SAGITTARIUS ♐ ACE OF PENTACLES. Expect great opportunities this month with this card in your sign Sagittarius. The Ace of Pentacles ushers in new opportunities that you may never have dreamed possible before now. Be prepared to go a new way and don't be led by fear. Allow yourself move forward into this new phase with ease and magical energy will follow you. 
CAPRICORN ♑ THE MOON. You're emerging into a new space this month Capricorn. This may feel intimidating at first but you have what it takes. Trust your intuition and guidance this month and watch out for others with hidden agendas who try to pull the wool over you. 
AQUARIUS ♒ NINE OF SWORDS. You seem to be worrying about things that will never materialise Aquarius. It's time to catch these gears and worries before they take hold of you. Get pen and paper, call on Archangel Michael and write out these woes and worries, then burn the paper and get them out of your head for good. 
PISCES ♓ JUSTICE. Good things always prevail when Justice appears. Expect to see fairness this month Pisces. Order will be restored and all those situations where you felt unfairly treated will now be brought to balance. Be fair in your own dealings and speak with as much directness and clarity as you possibly can. 
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