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ARIES ♈ PAGE OF CUPS. There's an unexpected good outcome for you this month lovely Aries. All your hard work will now come to fruition. This good outcome can create a great opportunity to bring in more cash too. So, enjoy the opportunity and make sure you have plenty of fun aswell.
TAURUS ♉ SEVEN OF SWORDS. Watch out for others who might want to deceive you this month Taurus. At the same time don't be tempted to take any shortcuts yourself either. Utilise your very practical nature this month and take time to consider any options laid out before you, and don't make any hasty decisions, or you might end up regretting them later this year.
GEMINI ♊ STRENGTH. You're in your power this month Gemini. You're feeling capable, strong and bursting with courage. You've had to prove yourself a lot over the last few months, so this card showing up in your sign is terrific validation that you are really beginning to get to where you need to be. Don't be tempted to back down and show your strength to those who may want to undermine you. 
CANCER ♋ EIGHT OF SWORDS. Who is taking advantage of your kind nature this month Cancer? With the Eight of Swords in your sign someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. It's time to come out from under your shell and show them what you're made of. Use your voice, speak the truth and you will set yourself free from this situation and feel fantastic once you do. 
LEO ♌ THE HIGH PRIESTESS. It's time to tap into that powerful intuition of yours Leo. Don't be tempted to ignore any of your gut feelings this month. The High Priestess holds the keys to the secrets of the universe. She knows that vast knowledge lies beyond this world and she knows how to access it. This is a great month for divination of all kinds. So, work with your intuition and you can't go far wrong. 
VIRGO ♍ KING OF CUPS. Your loving, kind and considerate father/grandfather figure watches you from beyond. He's keeping a good eye on you this month Virgo. He's sending you healing and emotional support. Watch out for signs and synchronicities from him. You are in good hands so there's no need for needless worrying about things that will never happen. 
LIBRA ♎ THREE OF CUPS. There are ample excuses to celebrate this month Libra. This is the card of fun, dancing and celebrating. Get out and enjoy all you've earned so far this year. Connect with like minded people and lift your energy with laughter and dance. Have some fun and enjoy the outdoors too. This is a very happy card. 
SCORPIO ♏ THE EMPRESS. The loving, maternal Empress encourages you to take lots of time out for self care this month Scorpio. Pamper and preen yourself and don't feel one but selfish or guilty four doing it either. You care for others, so it's time you cared for yourself. You deserve the very best. 
SAGITTARIUS ♐ FIVE OF SWORDS. Don't be tempted to get into arguments this month Sagittarius. With the Five of Swords in your sign there's an energy of antagonism from others. Work this energy out through high impact exercise or even safely break an old cup or dish off the wall outside to release any built up tension. 
CAPRICORN ♑ JUSTICE. The Justice Tarot weighs in to your sign this month Capricorn to even things out. Justice stands for fairness and equality. So, if you feel you've been treated badly or misrepresented then Justice ensures a fair outcome. And if you've any legal loose ends, they will be sorted out this month too. 
AQUARIUS ♒ THE STAR. Oh the beautiful magical Star shines brightly upon you this month Aquarius. You are simply glowing. You feel like you can really show off and just be yourself these days and that is such an inspiration to others. Keep shining and flowing in all your glory. 
PISCES ♓ NINE OF WANDS. The Nine of Wands in your sign this month Pisces has you on the defensive. Use this energy to take time out from the world and step back. Writing down and safely burning those nine hurtful situations on paper will really help too. Then you can come back to the world feeling less wounded, wiser and happier with who you are lovely Pisces. 
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