"Thank you so much for my reading. I sincerely enjoyed it and got a lot from it. The road home gave me great time to contemplate all that happened. "
Kim, N. Ireland
Praise for White Witch Patricia Weston's Book of Spells & Magic 
"I got the book as soon as it was published. I read it all at once and put what I read into practice. Patricia's writing style is deep and keeps you bound to the book from within, where her knowledge comes from. I always keep the book at hand and I am waiting for the second one to be published soon!"
Fulvia Ferrante, Dublin
"Thank you very much Patricia for your fabulous reading. It was lovely to meet you."
Lorraine, Dublin
Praise for White Witch Patricia Weston's Book of Spells & Magic - "I love mine...I would highly recommend it, it's very easy to follow. Patricia is so gifted and a beautiful person, which is reflected in this book the way it's written and the spells...I love it!"
L. McCoy
"Patricia, I want to thank you for the work we did together because I feel like that really helped unblock a lot of things for me."
"Hi Patricia, just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reading you gave me yesterday in the RDS. It was a very inspiring and eye opening reading. Thank you for helping me release the blocks I had put up against relationships and for the advice for letting go of the pain that I had held onto from when I was in primary school. Yesterday really did give me a whole new lease of life. Thank you so so much. Love and Light."
 James, Moate
"Thank you for a lovely reading, I can feel the benefits already."
Adrian, Ballymena
"Patricia, just wanted to say thanks for the last six weeks. I enjoyed it so much and am very excited to practice and learn more with my cards. You're a great teacher!"
 Julie, student of my LEARN TO READ THE TAROT course 

"Patricia, Hello you wonderful witch! I want to thank you so much for the reading, it was a dream come true. Having a meeting with you is a life changing event, not just receiving the answers or dealing with the issue at hand. I feel quite a bit more free and open to becoming the witch I should be. Thank you" Charlie Curtis, USA

"Hi Patricia, thanks again for a wonderful reading this morning. I went away more motivated and certain of my furture. It's great to know that the Spirits are with me on my journey. You were fantastic, many thanks." Keith, Skerries

"Patricia thank you for your time today. My happiest stress free day in a long time. You've truly inspired me and given me the push to move forward happy in my life. You're a truly wonderful person and it was a truly amazing experience. It was a pleasure to meet you." Mark, Dublin

"Hi Patricia - wanted to provide some wording for a testimonial as a way of saying thanks. My mum and I are so grateful for the time we spent with you. The sense of release and peace we both felt after our session is something we have both needed for some time. You cried with my mum and you understood my struggles and gave me guidance that I will follow. Thank you so much for your kindness." Margaret & Susie, Carlingford

"Thanks Patricia for everything. My life is beautiful now" Marcin, Dublin

"Hi Patricia, thank you for today. I am feeling really relaxed and at ease with myself." Caoilfhionn, Dublin

"Hi Patricia, thank you for the reading and healing this morning I felt wonderful afterwards. You were so very good and very helpful, everything you said, thank you again." Barbara, Dublin

"It's a serious impact you have had on my life, I can't thank you enough.. So positive. " Samantha G, Dublin

"Hi Patricia, I wanted to say thank you for the reading and healing that you did for me last week. I've felt your presence since and want to thank you for continuing to help me as you said you would. I feel more at peace with myself and my life than I have for a long time. Thank you again." Susan, County Dublin.

"Thank you so much for my reading yesterday. Really enjoyed it ,more pieces keep falling into place from what you said. Would highly recommend you, my home is now refreshed and has nothing but positive energy thanks to your spell. Seriously feel like the biggest weight has been lifted off my shoulders, you are amazing at what you do in sharing your gift! You’re a truly amazing person. You’re someone I now look up too, really big inspiration." Samantha, Dublin

"Hi Patricia, words can not explain how grateful I am for what you did last night. It was the most amazing experience of my life. I feel like a very heavy weight has been lifted off me."
Gillian, Dublin

"It's happening.. just like you said. Thank you, Jay and I both enjoyed our reading with you this past summer."
LeeAnn & Jay, Pennsylvania,USA                                                                                                                                                               

"Hi Patricia thank you for yesterday, it was wonderful, wonderful and wonderful. I am now planning my next visit to you."
Peter, Manchester

"Thank you for the opportunity to join the Wicca gathering in August, I really enjoyed my first gathering and would be great to go to another.  You have a lovely group of ladies with wonderful energy in your gathering."
Sandra Smith, Dublin

"Hi Patricia Thanks you for your wonderful Psychic Energiser Spray I used it the same day while I driving home after buying it from you. I felt a wonderful feeling, like someone were at my shoulder while driving and I felt lot of peace, light and relaxed as well. I am using it in my daily life and I feel the best everyday since I started to use it and am very happy at the moment. Thanks again and again for taking your time to prepare and explain its usage. I would be happy to recommend anyone and everyone to get at least one and see the magic of the spray."

Nuvin, Dublin

"Thanks again for today Patricia, such a lovely experience. It was lovely to meet you. 
Aisling, Dublin

"Patricia, I would just like to thank you for the reading you gave me last month, to be honest I must say I thought it was very good and accurate.I would love to get a reading again with you sometime in the future, Thank you again." Mairead, Dublin

"Hi Patricia, just a quick note to say thank you for the healing. It was very deeply calming and relaxing and helped me regain my inner power.You spotted perfectly the blockages and issues I need to work on and your advise was very valuable. I can now feel the angels around me a lot theses days - lots of heat - and i can feel they are working on me. I hope I will be able to come back to you one day again." Caroline, Dublin

"Hi Patricia, I had a lovely evening last night (at the WICCA gathering) and I burned my spell in my new little cauldron that I love. Let me know when you have another evening planned." Simone, Dublin

"Hi Patricia, We are highly delighted about our amazing reading and our healing with high frequency of light and energy and we discovered our true potential and you showed us the path. I will highly recommend everybody to have reading with Patricia. She is accurate and a good guide. A BIG THANKS FROM NUVIN AND KAVITA. We will see you again in the future. Nuvin & Kavita, Dublin


 "Patricia from my heart THANK YOU for the healing and reading this morning. I'm exhausted so I know a major clearing is going on! And thank you for the beautiful crystal, it's also working! Looking forward to seeing you again in the near future," Love & Blessings, Louise xxx Louise, Wicklow

"Had a reading this evening with Patricia. Was amazing. I encourage everyone who has not already had the fortune to go see her to definitely go. It was so worth it and so insightful for me. Many many blessings." Andie Alessandra Caomhanach, Dublin

"Patricia, Thank you very much for such an amazing reading. Thank God you paid attention and developed your gift. Money couldn't buy the freedom I feel as a result of that reading. I'm so grateful to God, my Mam, Dad and you for that experience. Keep going you are really needed."  Paula, Greystones

"Thank you Patricia, that was a very interesting experience with you today. You were very accurate and perceptive. I have never had a Tarot reading before and experiences with a charlaton psychic in my twenties had made me somewhat apprehensive but you were very reassuring and honest. Thanks again and I will see you in the near furture." Sinead, Co. Dublin

"Just wanted to say thank you for the healing last evening and today. You are very gifted and I am feeling great. God Bless."

Mary, Drogheda

"Patricia, thank you so much for Thursday morning's reading - you are truly gifted."

Deirdre, Bettystown

"I was able to have a wonderful reading from Patricia, which confirmed so much of what I had pushed to the side, and lit a path into my future. I feel so good after it, and so very thankful."
Janey, Co. Tippera

"I am still floating Patricia - so amazing! I could feel all the symbols coming through my Cown Chakra - my throat and heart chakras were pulsating!!!! At the start they introduced themselves and welcomed me to their energy and thanked me! they placed the most beautiful and powerful symbol into my heart chakra so that I can feel safe in keeping my heart open always and to magnify the love resonating in and out for all! My back was burning with the energy they were sending there! Very emotional and feeling very blessed.... thank you Patricia! You are amazing! lots of love and lightxxxxxx

Miriam Doyle (after Pleiadean Light Healing Attunement)

"I just wanted to send you a line to say how much I enjoyed and gained from yesterday mornings Chakra balancing with you.You have a very special place there in Skerries, and I felt the energy instantly. Patricia...I just wanted to say how much of a treasure you are and blessed we have found you on our path. The light is there and its only by people like yourselves that keep feeling it that this world becomes a better place. I hope to see you next time."

Claire Hanson, UK

"Thank you for the healing last night Patricia - I feel great, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders."

Andy, Dublin

"I have had many readings with Patricia and not only do I find her readings extremely accurate, she also has such a lovely way of explaining things and giving you the tools to approach your life in a positive way.  She is a genuine psychic and medium and I look forward to my next reading."
C Doyle, Dublin
"I found Medium Patricia Weston by chance on the Net when I needed to find out something so badly,within minutes she was back to me with an answer.I feel so blessed to have found heras she has helped me and my family so much since. She is such a kind person too and is always there to help. Not only is she the best Medium by far, she is also a kind-hearted person. Iwould say to anyone that needs or wants to see a Medium she is definitely the one to see - i know I'll never be able to thank her enough for everything she has done for me."
J Noble, Thurles