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spirals-purpleReiki Healing & Attunements

I am a Usui Reiki Master Healer.I am also a Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Master Healer and Elemental Reiki Master Healer and offer healing treatments and Attunement to these powerful Energies. 

I channelled Pleiadean Light Healing, a new healing modality on the New Moon, June 19th 2012. This is a 7-symbol, high frequency ascension healing modality. For more information or to receive a Pleiadean Light Healing or Attunement please contact me.

I have also channelled Angelic Spirial Energy Healing System,  a new healing modality for 2012 which incorporates the powerful energy of Newgrange's spirals. This is a very high vibrational angelic system and involves two levels - Level 1, Practioner Level and Level 2, Master/Teacher Level.

I channelled Archangel Raziel Lineage Healing this year also, which is is healing through the ages – a healing modality using symbols channelled from Archangel Raziel to heal back through past lifetimes clearing blockages and fears.

Eyes of Maoi is another powerful Attunement I channeled in 2012 from the Maoi Statues of Easter Island. It is a powerful Third Eye Activation Healing Attunement which opens up the psychic third eye.

I channelled a powerful protective Empowerment in 2013 called The Anubis Empowerment. This connects to the protective power of the Egyptian God Anubis.

I am also attuned to Ashati Training System, Full Spectrum Healing (FSH) Master Level,7 Facet Seichim Reiki, Egyptian Energies Reiki, Eye of Horus Reiki, Yod & Cartouche Initiations, Ethereal Crystals 1-9, Silver Violet Flame Reiki, Unicorn Energy Healing System, 13 Crystal Skulls Reiki, 4 Holy Archangels Reiki, 13 Ascended Masters Reiki, Ka Shen Sakhem, Kundalini Reiki.

I can combine these Energy Healing Modalities when giving a healing treatment or just use one, depending on the needs of the client. A healing treatment is safe and effective on virtually all know illnesses and promotes feelings of Harmony, Angelic Bliss and Peace. It aids in the natural detoxification processes of the body.

I offer Healing Treatments at my Reading & Healing Rooms in Skerries. Please contact me for appointments.

DISTANT ATTUNEMENT ~ as there is no time in the Angelic realm attunement to healing energies can be given distantly. Contact me on if you would like to become attuned to any the following energies, you will then be mailed a manual, we will set up the attunement and you will be issued with a certificate of Attunement and ongoing support. Whatever system you are drawn to you can become attuned and become a Healer yourself. Please contact me for details and prices. Some are very high frequency and require that you are attuned to Reiki Level first.

Pleiadean Light Healing

Archangel Raziel Lineage Healing

Angelic spiral Energy System

Eyes of Maoi Third Eye Activation

Usui Reiki 1,2 & 3

Elemental Reiki

Ethereal Crystals 1-9

FSH~ Full Spctrum Healing

Unicorn Energy Healing

13 Crystal Skulls

4 Holy Archangels

Silver Violet Flame Reiki

13 Ascended Masters

Blessed Be )O(


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