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ARIES ♈️ KING OF CUPS. You're briming with love and generosity this month, Aries. It's time to enjoy life, have fun, and let life flow. There's no room for stress or hassle this month. You've done enough,  so let go and enjoy yourself  - you know you deserve it! 
TAURUS ♉️ TWO OF CUPS The romantic Two of Cups sees you in a very amorous and romantic mood this month, Taurus, and why not.  Relationships and matters of the heart are the most important things in this life, so why not focus your attention on your loved one and enjoy the connection. If you're single, expect to be noticed by someone interesting!
GEMINI ♊️ TWO OF COINS.The Two of Coins has you juggling and balancing this month Gemini, which is something you are actually very good at. Enjoy the buzz and busyiness that this card brings. Just don't lose sight of your finances,    it's always a good idea to keep some money in the back of your wallet for a rainy day!
CANCER ♋️ THE EMPRESS.This card comes to you this month to remind you how important self care is Cancer. Take this as a great opportunity to turn off the phone and enjoy some much needed alone time. You don't have to be there for everyone, but you do need to be there for yourself!
LEO ♌️ THE TOWER. The Tower comes into your life to remind you that some old, outdated structures need to fall. Holding on to old energy is not good. Let it go to make way for clean, new energy. This will be so cathartic and healing you'll immediately feel a whoosh of new energy that will inspire you with great ideas!
VIRGO ♍️ KNIGHT OF SWORDS. Clearing is the name of the game for you this month, Virgo. Getting your point across is important because you need people to understand where you're coming from. So, don't mince your words  and, most importantly, don't hold back or repress yourself. What you have to say is important, and this month you want to be heard...so speak up and out. 
LIBRA ♎️ KNIGHT OF CUPS. You're a sensitive soul, Libra, and you have so much to give. This month is about spreading your good energy to those who need it. Nourishing and caring for others is the key to this card, so let your beautiful energy flow and make sure you don't neglect your own needs while you're at it! 
SCORPIO ♏️ THE CHARIOT. It's a busy month for you Scorpio, you seem to have a lot to prove and a lot of energy to do it. The Chariot pushes you to take a lead role in your life, so get in charge, get the job done and don't hold back. This will bring you so much fulfillment and a great buzz too!
SAGITTARIUS ♐️ KNIGHT OF WANDS. The glowing, orangy Knight of Wands loves action and adventure, so you're in the mood for something different this month Sagittarius. As a lover of adventure, it's time to explore some different avenues in your life. You've got the energy and inquisitiveness, so just go for it. Life is all about new experiences, and you're ready to go.
CAPRICORN ♑️ FIVE OF WANDS. This card is so firey and fiesty, and I feel there's too much wasted energy here. If you feel you've been put in a position where you have to fight for your place in life, then maybe it's time to reconsider. Is it really worth wasting all that energy? Maybe your time could be better spent.  It's time to think about what you're putting your energy into and maybe shift things around a bit.
AQUARIUS ♒️ SEVEN OF CUPS. This card pushes you to daydream a bit more Aquarius. Maybe you've been bogged down in gritty reality too long, and you're in need of a bit of illusion and dreaming. So, it's time to get your imagination flowing and really visualise what you'd love from life. This can open new doors for you and set you on a new, more interesting path. 
PISCES ♓️ ACE OF SWORDS. It's time to put an end to procrastinating Pisces. You need to get real and logical about some people and situations in your life. If you're just doing some things to please others, then it's time to cut them out! This will clear the way for new growth. See things in black and white now, as this will help you make more informed, clearer decisions moving forward. 
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