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 ARIES ♈ THE CHARIOT. The Chariot in your sign this month is prompting you to get up and go Aries. This card is all about getting in control of your life and getting in charge. So, start moving, take the reigns, buckle up and get ready for a powerful change this month. It's a good time to shift gears, so this is a great opportunity to move in the right direction. 
TAURUS ♉ TWO OF SWORDS. The Two of Swords in your sign this month Taurus has you at a crossroads. An important decision needs to be made. This decision can be much easier if you remove the blindfold and see your true potential. Dispense with the doubts and fears and make a decision based on love and not fear. 
GEMINI ♊ NINE OF CUPS. The Nine of Cups is a great card for you this month Gemini. It signifies joy, satisfaction and great happiness. You're at the point in your life now where you are filled with gratitude and feel very blessed indeed. Keep this beautiful energy in motion by continuing to practice gratitude daily. 
CANCER ♋ QUEEN OF WANDS The Queen of Wands knows exactly what she wants and how to attain her goals. In your sign Cancer, she brings in a wonderfully industrious and practical energy. Expect to get a lot of work done this month and you'll feel accomplished and in charge of your own life too - this is a great feeling that really lifts your self esteem and energy. 
LEO ♌ THE MOON. With The Moon in your sign Leo it's a good idea to read between the lines this month. This card urges you to trust what you can't see and trust your inner sight and intuition. The Moon can show deception and hidden agendas too, so keep an eye out, once you go with your gut though you won't go far wrong. 
VIRGO ♍ THE MAGICIAN. The Magician in your sign this month Virgo reminds you of how adept you are. You can manifest and create the life you crave and desire. Work your magic this month and start a vision board or cast a spell during the full moon to manifest your wishes. With this card you have all the tools you need to manifest a wonderful life. 
LIBRA ♎ THE HIGH PRIESTESS. With the magical and secretive High Priestess in your sign Libra your psychic abilities are very strong. Use these energies for the highest good by doing some divination to help you navigate your way in the world. Also, be sure to keep your cards close to your chest this month too, and don't give away all your secrets. 
SCORPIO ♏ FOUR OF PENTACLES. The Four of Pentacles urges you to keep yourself to yourself this month Scorpio. Watch your boundaries, protect your energy and be careful not to let anyone in who may try to take something from you that they are not entitled to. Once you tune into your intuition you'll be just fine, so if something feels off, trust that feeling. 
SAGITTARIUS ♐ FIVE OF SWORDS. With the Five of Swords in your sign this month Sagittarius you may be feeling a bit battle weary. This card reminds you to pick your fights. Take a step back, there's no need to call everyone out this month, as this could leave you feeling worn out. Why not write out all those angry firey energies, call on Archangel Michael to clear you, burn the paper and then there won't be any need for too many confrontations.
CAPRICORN ♑ SEVEN OF CUPS. The Seven of Cups in your sign has you feeling a bit indecisive this month Capricorn. All the decisions you are making are loaded with emotional energy. So, take the emotions out of the equation and see things in a more logical and factual based way and you won't make the wrong decision. 
AQUARIUS ♒ DEATH. The Death card brings a lot of necessary endings for you this month Aquarius. This is a great opportunity to clear away worn out, old energy that was weighing you down and holding you back. Assist this clearing by getting rid of anything you don't need or wear and you'll feel so cleansed and clear by the end of the month.
PISCES ♓ SIX OF SWORDS. The Six of Swords in your sign this month Pisces has you sailing into much smoother, calmer waters. If you've been stressed out or pushing yourself too hard, this card showing up is a welcome sign. It means you will experience an easier time this month and find solutions to your problems a whole lot easier and quicker too.
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