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 Working with Davide Corsi's Ghost Tarot
ARIES ♈ THE CHARIOT. It is time to cracks the whip Aries. The Chariot urges you to get in charge and get into the driving seat of your life this month. Don't dare take a backseat! Utilise your powerful Aries energy and take the reigns.
TAURUS ♉ TEMPERANCE. Keep everything in balance this month Taurus. Temperance urges you to keep your emotions in check, so try not to do too much in case you become drained or emotionally burned out. If you take time out to rest and meditate you'll keep your energy in tip top condition.
GEMINI ♊ THE WORLD. The World prompts you to protect your energy, wisdom, skills and assets this month Gemini. Don't allow unscrupulous people to 'pick your brains' or use your knowledge for their gain. Trust your intuition and you won't get caught out.
CANCER ♋ FIVE OF SWORDS. The Five of Swords has you feeling battle hardy this month Cancer, and a change is in the air. It's time to stand up for yourself and send those nasty people in your life packing. The rainbow shines to show you that good things appear after a stormy phase.
LEO ♌ THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE. The Wheel of Fortune is turning in your favour this month Leo. Expect a lucky break and some wonderful unexpected good fortune. This will have you smiling from ear to ear and ensure you'll have a fun filled month too.
VIRGO ♍ QUEEN OF SWORDS. The steely Queen of Swords prompts you to get straight to the point this month Virgo. Don't mince your words or tolerate any confusion. You'll be so clear and discerning that you'll be delighted at the progress you make this month.
LIBRA ♎ FIVE OF COINS. The Five of Coins brings good changes for you this month Libra. You are being guided towards a new phase that will be more fulfilling career wise. The tower up ahead denotes strength and independence, so don't be tempted to lean on others for support, trust your own inner compass and you will succeed.
SCORPIO ♏ HANGED MAN. The Hanged Man has you in a bit of a bind this month Scorpio, so it's imperative you cut yourself loose. But don't do this without a plan in place. Pinpoint who is trying to tie you up in knots and then set about cutting those ties. Then you can turn your life around for the better.
SAGITTARIUS ♐ QUEEN OF COINS. The Queen of Coins has you in a very practical mood this month Sagittarius. She's a very sensible woman who knows how to magage her finances, so you're sure to keep your money in the right place and you may even hit on a very lucrative investment opportunity while you're at it too.
CAPRICORN ♑ KNIGHT OF WANDS. The Knight of Wands has you all fired up and ready for a new phase in your life this month Capricorn. He's full of firey energy and movement. Workwise this will ensure you're very productive. You may also want to embark on a new exercise regime or explore a new location or country - the world is your oyster! 
AQUARIUS ♒ TEN OF SWORDS. The Ten of Swords has you feeling bratrayed and let down this month Aquarius. But rest assured that this is as bad as it will get. Expose those ten betrayals by writing them down and burning them - then you'll be on the right path towards a new, wiser, more wonderful phase in your life.
PISCES ♓ KING OF SWORDS. The strong, determined and very direct King of Swords in your sign is prompting you to get things straightened out this month. There's absolutely no room for confusion - it's a case of seeing things in black and white this month Pisces. So, remember your steely backbone and don't back down.
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