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ARIES ♈ THE CHARIOT. You're all go this month Aries. The Chariot in your sign sees you wanting to take a leading role in your life. Get into the driving seat and trust your intuition. You're not in the mood to wait for the go ahead from anyone else, so get moving and make sure you plan where you're going.  
TAURUS ♉ TWO OF SWORDS. You may be feeling like you're sitting on the fence regarding some issues in your life this month Taurus. Don't worry, this is a good opportunity to sit it out and carefully plan your next move. Be sure to remove the blindfold though and see what you have been avoiding seeing for a while. This truth will help you make the right decision.
GEMINI ♊ THE HERMIT. The solitary Hermit sees you craving some alone time this month Gemini. Maybe you're world has become too peoply and you need to step back and breathe. Take this opportunity to heal, chill and just enjoy your own company for a while. You'll really benefit from the peace and be charged up and ready to face the world once more. 
CANCER ♋ THREE OF CUPS. This lovely card sees you enjoying some fun, uplifting company this month Cancer. It's time to get out and enjoy time with friends. There's lots of laughs and fun to be had, so why not get out of your shell and have some fun this month - you'll be delighted you did. 
LEO ♌ FOUR OF WANDS. The Four of Wands is all about healthy boundaries and enjoying time at home for you this month Leo. Your four walls have become a place of peace and sanctuary, so why not brighten up your surroundings and focus on your garden or making your home look better, cleaner or brighter this month. 
VIRGO ♍  ACE OF SWORDS. The Ace of Swords brings forth some clear truths for you this month Virgo. This is great because information you sought before is now coming to the surface. This will clear things up for you that you were previously confused about. But there's a double edge too, so be prepared to cut some people from your life who now no longer resonate with you. 
LIBRA ♎ NINE OF WANDS. This card sees you protecting your boundaries a little too much this month Libra. It's good to have healthy boundaries, but they can't be too tight. List off the nine reasons you feel the need to protect so cautiously and then allow yourself to let some down. Then you can breathe and just trust your intuition moving forward regarding who gets in and who stays out.
SCORPIO ♏ KNIGHT OF WANDS. The Knight of Wands is a very enthusiastic,  energetic energy. He's full of new ideas and ready to do things he missed out on the last few years. Use this energy to kick start your career or even plan a few trips. This will keep you in great spirits and ensure you've plenty to keep you occupied and busy this month Scorpio.
SAGITTARIUS ♐ THE HIGH PRIESTESS. The beautiful High Priestess emanates a lovely ethereal, secretive and psychic energy for you this month Sagittarius.  Pay careful attention to subtle signs and synchronicities from spirit because they will contain important messages for you. Be mindful also of being more tuned in or sensitive, so stay we'll away from harsh energies and harsh people. 
CAPRICORN ♑ THE HANGED MAN .The Hanged Man urges you to pause this month Capricorn. He's in a position where he can put his feet up and think about his next move. In this position, he has a whole new perspective on his life. This gives you new solutions to old problems and new insights moving forward.  
AQUARIUS ♒ THE STAR. The Star reminds you how bright you are Aquarius.  You're a child of the universe and it's so important to shine and take up your place here in the world. Don't be afraid of who you are or how far you've come. Every experience has got you to this point in your life and you need to celebrate that and appreciate it this month.
PISCES ♓ THE MAGICIAN . The Magician urges you to pull out your bag of tricks this month Pisces. You've a wealth of skills and experience and you're being prompted to put them to good use this month. Don't be fooled by others who think they know more than you. Remind yourself of your abilities and don't be afraid to bluff a little too if you need to get out of a tricky situation. 
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