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 ARIES ♈ TWO OF SWORDS. You may be feeling like you're sitting on the fence with regard to some issues in your life this month Aries. Don't fret, this offers a great opportunity to sit it out and carefully plan your next move. Just remove the blindfold and see what you have been avoiding seeing this year because this truth will help you make the right decisions.
TAURUS ♉ THE HERMIT. The solitary Hermit has you craving some alone time this month Taurus. If your world has become too stressy then you need to step back and breathe. Take this opportunity to heal, relax and just enjoy your own company for a while. You'll really benefit from the peace and be charged up and ready to face the busy world once more.
GEMINI ♊ FOUR OF WANDS. The Four of Wands sees you in a very fun and celebratory mood this month Gemini. This card focuses on the home, so expect to be spending fun times at home this month. Just be mindful not to let anyone in who will lower the vibration.  Stick to healthy boundaries and you'll have plenty of energy for fun and lots of laughs. 
CANCER ♋ DEATH. The Death card just denotes necessary endings, it's nothing to worry about. This is very positive for you Cancer as you approach the end of the year. It's all about the movement of stagnant energy and clearing. So, be prepared to let some people and situations go from your life from last year to make room for different energy. You can also encourage this clearing by dumping old clothes or clutter you no longer want or need. 
LEO ♌ THE STAR. You're shining bright like a star Leo, exactly as you like it, and this is a wonderful feeling. Don't let anyone knock you or throw you off balance out of jealousy or envy this month. You've achieved a lot this year and so you should be very proud and grateful for what you've overcome. Shine bright like a diamond!
VIRGO ♍ THE EMPRESS. This card prompts you to heal, nurture, and take plenty of time out for self care this month Virgo. The Empress is the archetypal mother figure. She symbolises abundance, maternal healing, fertility and blessings.  So, don't neglect your very important needs this month and give yourself plenty of love and wholesome food. You've looked after everyone else's needs this year Virgo, so make yourself a priority. 
LIBRA ♎ QUEEN OF PENTACLES. This card resonates with a very earthy, grounded, practical healing vibe for you this month Libra. You may well find yourself planning a new project or new beginning this month, because you'll be full of new ideas. This new beginning is about tapping into your true, authentic self and allowing yourself more freedom and room to breathe and just be yourself this month Libra - a wonderful feeling. 
SCORPIO ♏ THE CHARIOT. It's time to take the power back this month Scorpio. The Chariot encourages you to move ahead with plans that you've been putting off for months. It's time to shift gears and get into the driving seat of your life. Once you get moving you'll be motivated to do so many wonderful things that will take you into next year. 
SAGITTARIUS ♐ TWO OF PENTACLES. The Two of Pentacles sees you balancing everything this month Sagittarius. You're very good at keeping those balls in the air. Money will keep coming in and out with ease rather than worrying about spending too much or having too little. Keep everything in harmony and don't be tempted to push yourself too hard or get too lazy and do nothing either. 
CAPRICORN ♑ KNIGHT OF WANDS. The Knight of Wands is full of energy for you this month Capricorn. He's fired up with optimism, enthusiasm, and drive. Work with this fiesty energy to fuel you this month and keep you going. You may well be inspired to start new projects and get things moving in the right direction for next year. Just be careful to pace yourself too so you don't run out of steam.
AQUARIUS ♒ KING OF SWORDS. The King of Swords is adept at taking the lead and making clear cut decisions. He's very decisive and knows exactly what he wants. His energy can work very well for you this month Aquarius, it will encourage you not to tolerate confusion or deception. You'll be able to take direct action and get straight to the point this month. 
PISCES ♓ NINE OF PENTACLES. The Nine of Pentacles evokes a lovely wealthy, abundant energy for you this month Pisces. Allow yourself to bask in the glow of abundance and see all the blessings and wonderful things you have in your life. This encourages more to enter and sets up a lovely wealthy energy moving into next year. 
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