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ARIES ♈️ ACE OF CUPS. This is a lovely healing and fulfilling card full of potential for you this month, Aries. The Ace of Cups flows with an abundance of healing and joyful energy. With this card, you're sure to feel good about yourself and realise how grateful you are for everything you have been through. This card will give you the fresh start and encouragement you need this month.
TAURUS ♉️ TEN OF PENTACLES. The Ten of Pentacles relates to inheritance and family. It prompts you to think beyond and about where you came from. You may well be inspired to delve deeper into your genealogy and discover more about yourself.  This can prove very fulfilling and give you more insight about yourself Taurus.
GEMINI ♊️ KNIGHT OF CUPS. Kindness and an ability to give is a gift, Gemini. This card prompts you to appreciate your ability to give, knowing that you will receive as much as you give in equal measure. Take that lovely chalice, and accept the gift of love and healing kindness so it continues to flow abundantly. So, expect unexpected good things this month, Gemini.
CANCER ♋️ FIVE OF CUPS. With the Five of Cups, you may find yourself feeling sad and wistful about past issues. Go with this and allow yourself to heal through the hurts. Write out those three cups that feel like losses, then let them go. Once you do this, you'll be able to see more clearly the two full,  magical cups that are left standing. This will give you the lift you need to move forward. 
LEO ♌️ THE SUN. Well, this is your card, Leo. The Sun is sure to fill you with lots of inspiration and motivation this month. You'll be in your element! Watch out for truths surfacing with this card, too, and don't be surprised at what you discover. Remember, when the sun shines, everything glows within its warmth, so enjoy.
VIRGO ♍️ KING OF SWORDS. The King of Swords is very good at taking the lead and making clear-cut decisions. He clearly doesn't waste any time. He knows what he wants and how to go about it. His energy prevails for you this month Virgo,  so you wont tolerate confusion or dithering this month. You'll just take clear, consice action and get straight to the point. 
LIBRA ♎️ JUDGEMENT. This card clearly and loudly calls on you to release and forgive yourself, Libra. It's all about freeing yourself from the constraints of past misdeeds and mistakes. Archangel Gabriel resides over this card to help you clear and release all those energies that hold you down. So get them all off your chest this, and you'll feel freer and lighter.
SCORPIO ♏️ THE EMPRESS. This card prompts you to heal, nurture, and take plenty of time out for self care this month, Scorpio. The Empress is the archetypal mother figure who symbolises abundance, maternal healing, fertility, and blessings.  So, don't neglect your very important needs and give yourself plenty of love and nutritious food. 
SAGITTARIUS ♐️ ACE OF PENTACLES. The amazing Ace of Pentacles marks the beginning of a new, more prosperous phase this month, Sagittarius. There's a new way forward that promises to be more financially abundant. This is exhilarating and exciting, so just go for it. Know that you deserve the best and you've worked hard up to this point, so enjoy the prosperity and keep your feet firmly on the ground. 
CAPRICORN ♑️ EIGHT OF PENTACLES. The Eight of Pentacles is such a practical card for you this month Capricorn. It's about steadily working towards your goals. The figure on this card has important skills that will ensure financial stability. So, keep working, keep going, and keep stacking up the cash. You'll feel such an immense feeling of satisfaction that no one can take away from you. 
AQUARIUS ♒️ THE WORLD. The World is a very powerful that sees you in top form this month Aquarius.  You have a very good sense of your skills and qualities at this time and this really boosts your confidence level. So, expect to get a lot of work done and feel great about how far you've come and how much wisdom you've gained along the way. This energy is sure to inspire you to start a new project or expand your present horizons. 
PISCES ♓️ QUEEN OF CUPS. The graceful Queen of Cups comes through to remind you how important it is to show your kindness and compassion. This is a strength, so dont let anyone tell you it's a weakness! She is also an important messenger from spirit in the form of a kind - hearted, fun, warm female mother figure. She's sending you healing energy and love from heaven. So, watch out for signs from her and a lovely feeling of warmth.
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