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ARIES ♈ FOUR OF SWORDS. The Four of Swords prompts you to step back and take time out to analyse how far you've come to contemplate your next move  Aries. Put your feet up, take time to meditate or just chill for a while. You'll gain so much insight from this experience that will stabilise your energy throughout the whole month. 
TAURUS ♉ EIGHT OF WANDS. There's a great energy of movement in the air for you this month Taurus. With the Eight of Wands in your sign you may even be planning a trip abroad. This card is great and gets everything in your life moving in the right direction. 
GEMINI ♊ DEATH. The Death card symbolises necessary endings for you this month Gemini. This is a good thing because it will ensure the movement of stagnant energy. Be prepared to let some people and situations go from your life to make room for better energy. You can also assist this clearing by dumping stuff you no longer want. 
CANCER ♋ FOUR OF WANDS. The Four of Wands is the card of celebrations and gatherings. It's a card that also brings the home into focus, so keep it clean and clear so it's a place of joy and refuge and don't let anyone across the threshold who could lower the vibration. Observe strong boundaries this month and you'll have plenty of energy for fun. 
LEO ♌  TWO OF PENTACLES. The Two of Pentacles sees you balancing everything very well this month Leo. You're very adept at keeping those balls in the air. Your money will keep coming in and out with ease and rest assured you are more than capable of balancing the books. A new path awaits where you'll be able to relax a bit more in the future .
VIRGO ♍ TWO OF SWORDS. The Two of Swords sees you at a crossroads this month Virgo. This card prompts you to sit and think things through very carefully before making a decision. There are things you are refusing to see that hurt you in the past. So, if you can look closely and see what these past hurts were and clear them by writing them out and burning them you'll be in a better position to see how far you've come and be ready to move forward in fullness and strength. 
LIBRA ♎ EIGHT OF PENTACLES. The Eight of Pentacles sees you being very productive this month Libra. Your skills are being utilised and you're working to your potential. This is exciting. So, watch the cash stack up and make sure you put some away for a rainy day too. 
SCORPIO ♏ THE EMPRESS. This beautiful card gently reminds you to nurture, heal and take plenty of time out for self care this month Scorpio. The Empress is the archetypal mother figure and she symbolises abundance, maternal healing and blessings.  So, don't neglect your very important needs this month and give yourself plenty of love and nutritious food. 
SAGITTARIUS ♐ KNIGHT OF WANDS. The Knight of Wands is all go this month Sagittarius. He's filled with optimism, enthusiasm, fire and drive. Let this fiesty energy fuel you this month and burn up plenty of energy through exercise. You also may feel inspired to start new projects and get things moving in the right direction. Just be careful to pace yourself too so you don't run out of steam. 
CAPRICORN ♑ KING OF SWORDS. The King of Swords is very good at taking the lead and making clear-cut decisions. He doesn't waste time. He knows exactly what he wants and how to go about it. His energy prevails for you this month, Capricorn,  so you wont tolerate any confusion or indecision. You'll just take clear, consice action and get straight to the point this month. 
AQUARIUS ♒ THE MOON. What's hidden is very significant for you this month, Aquarius. The Moon urges you to push forward without fear. Your intuition will be very strong. Know that you have the  determination, and strength to see anything through this month. Don't be deterred by doubts and fears and watch out for hidden agendas from people.  
PISCES ♓ THE HANGED MAN. This card prompts you to stop, think things through, and assess your options this month Pisces. The Hanged Man is obviously very patient, he knows when the time is right to act. So, don't rush, or push or force things. This card reminds you to chill, relax and wait for the perfect and ideal time to strike. 
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