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ARIES ♈ THREE OF PENTACLES. This month all your hard work and graft will pay off and you will receive the praise and appreciation you deserve Aries. Keep up the good work and don't be tempted to lower your standards. 
TAURUS ♉ TEN OF CUPS. This month you will be very, very pleased with yourself and your achievements.  You'll be smiling from ear to ear and be very satisfied with yourself.  Enjoy and don't drink too much.
GEMINI ♊ ACE OF SWORDS. You'll be feeling straight and direct this month Gemini. You'll want to sort out all those lies and false promises you've been hearing from others lately. This brings clarity and a wonderful feeling of freshness and truth.
CANCER ♋ THE FOOL. You're ready to take off in a new direction Cancer. Watch your footing and don't get too caught up in the excitement of it all. Stay grounded and pace yourself. 
LEO ♌ THE HIEROPHANT. Advice from a sound individual with a wealth of wisdom will set you on the right path this month Leo. It's okay to ask for help, you can't do everything on your own. Keep the faith. 
VIRGO ♎ SEVEN OF CUPS. Don't get bogged down with dreams and illusions this month Virgo. Write everything down so you keep yourself organised and stay practical. And don't be tempted to feel sorry for someone who doesn't deserve your kindness.  
LIBRA ♎ THE EMPRESS. Self care is paramount this month Libra. Get outside as much as possible and take every opportunity for rest and pampering as you can. Don't neglect your needs. 
SCORPIO ♏ KNIGHT OF SWORDS. Getting fired up about things is all well and good as long as you don't burn yourself out Scorpio. Step back, remember to breathe and try and keep your cool. If things get too heavy it's okay to walk away.
SAGITTARIUS ♐ PAGE OF PENTACLES. New ventures await and this is exciting stuff. You can really get stuck in to a new idea or project that will keep you motivated and enthusiastic Sagittarius. Just remember to look all around you so you don't get too distracted and bogged down. 
CAPRICORN ♑ THE STAR. You're shining bright like a star Capricorn and this is a wonderful glowing feeling. Don't let anyone knock you out of jealousy. You've achieved a lot and are not ashamed of what you've been through. Keep shining. 
AQUARIUS ♒ THE CHARIOT. You're in the driving seat now Aquarius and ready to take things to the next level. Get moving, get going and don't let anyone get in your way. You've got this!
PISCES ♓ SEVEN OF PENTACLES. You've built up a wonderful wealth of experience and you're now ready to sit back and evaluate how far you've come. Be proud of your achievements and know that you've a lot more potential for the future too. 

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