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ARIES ♈ KING OF CUPS. With this card in your sign Aries you're feeling drawn to your emotions. Allow yourself to feel the true depth of your feelings this month. This card also urges you to take a more authoritative stance regarding your emotional life. The King of Cups is very at home with his feelings. He doesn't deny them, repress them or hold back. He honours them and realises the power they hold. 
TAURUS ♉ THE CHARIOT. With this powerful card you're all go this month Taurus. Expect to get a lot done this month. The Chariot sees you taking a leading role in your life. So, use your intuition as your GPS and get into the driving seat and get moving! This is a great motivational card and will have you making more informed decisions about your future moving forward. 
GEMINI ♊ THREE OF PENTACLES. The Three of Pentacles is all about appreciation and recognition for your hard work. This card bodes very well for new projects and career moves. You're sure to be spotted from the crowd and people will notice how good you are. So, don't hold back and make some plans for your future to ensure you enjoy a very fulfilling and satisfactory job, no matter how big or small.  
CANCER ♋ PAGE OF SWORDS. This swift card in your sign this month Cancer sees you clearing away lots of old clutter and negative energy.  You're not in the mood for allowing people or situations to waste your valuable energy. You're ready to cut ties with negative energy that has been holding you back for months. You're also in the mood for clearing your space and ensuring it's more spacious and clutter free for the coming months. 
LEO ♌ FIVE OF WANDS. The Five of Wands energy has a competitive vibe. You may be feeling like you have to compete with others this month. Competiton is healthy but just clacking your wands with others out of frustration will only increase friction and drain your energy. You'd be better off taking the higher ground and re-evaluating your  worth. Realise your better, stronger and already have the edge Leo, so you don't have to waste your time or energy on petty arguments. 
VIRGO ♍ NINE OF PENTACLES. Oh the lady in the Nine of Pentacles is so lavish and fancy! The energy of this card in your sign gives you that lovely air of luxury this month Virgo. You feel abundant and wealthy and realise there's so much to be grateful for in your life. This energy increases your flow of abundance and inspires others too.
LIBRA ♎ ACE OF CUPS. What a gorgeous, glowing, healing and fulfilling card.  The Ace of Cups flows with an abundance of healing and joyful energy for you this month Libra. With this card you feel good about yourself and you realise how grateful you are for everything you have been through. This card gives you the fresh start you need this month, encouraging you to feel that spiritual and healing renewal that you've been longing for. 
SCORPIO ♏ EIGHT OF CUPS. With the Eight of Cups in your sign Scorpio you finally get the courage to walk away from ALL draining situations this month. You realise your power and more importantly your worth and refuse to tolerate low grade energy anymore. This has taken a while to happen but this month you bite the bullet and it feels great! 
SAGITTARIUS ♐ FOUR OF WANDS. With the Four of Wands in your sign there's reason to celebrate. This is the card of home, security, boundaries amd feeling happy in your space. This card also urges you to reinforce and protect your boundaries to remain secure, feel safe and comfortable.  Sprinkle sea salt around the outside of your home or make a firm decision not to allow certain people to cross your threshold.  
CAPRICORN ♑ SEVEN OF WANDS. This is a great card. It's very fiesty, assertive and strong. You're ready to stand your ground this month Capricorn.  You're no longer willing or available to lower your standards or vibration. This card bursts forth with a powerful drive to take a stand on many issues that were keeping you down the past month. Enjoy the surge,  don't back down and show the world you're not to be messed around anymore. 
AQUARIUS ♒ QUEEN OF PENTACLES. This card resonates with a lovely earthy healing vibe for you this month Aquarius.  You may find yourself planning a new project or new beginning. This new beginning is all about tapping into your authentic self and allowing yourself more freedom and room to breathe. So, get outside and feel the freedom and space that the outdoors have to offer. You'll feel freer and more inspired. 
PISCES ♓ KING OF SWORDS. The King of Swords is a very direct, sharp, no nonsense character. His energy may be needed this month so you can assert yourself more and take a more masculine, authoritative stance in your life Pisces. Changes are on the horizon, as symbolised by the butterflies on this card. So, get ready to use your sword,  show your mettle and direct your energy in a more powerfully positive way.
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